Monday, January 17, 2005

2nd SRC Medical Team Left for Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

From their latest Press Release (Jan 15)

The Singapore Red Cross' second medical relief team left for Trincomalee, Sri Lanka on Sunday, Jan 16 via SQ 402 at 10.30pm.
The 10-member medical relief team includes volunteers from the Singapore Red Cross and volunteer doctors and nurses from the two hospital clusters. The team is expected to return home on 27 January. The SRC medical relief team will continue to provide immediate outpatient care to the affected in their mobile clinic. This medical relief mission is being mounted in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Red Cross and the Rotary Club of Trincomalee.

This is the 2nd team that is sent by the Singapore Red Cross to work in the refugee camps in Trincomalee. The 1st team that left on 4 Jan 2005 will be returning on Monday, 17 January via SQ 401 at 7.25am.

This team comprise of 2 doctors, 4 nurses, 1 pharmarcist and 3 first aid and logistics volunteers. They will be joined by 3 other medical team members from Team 1, who had stayed behind to continue the medical relief work at the refugee camp.

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