Monday, January 10, 2005

The Extra Mile

On Saturday, I posted a story about a young man who deferred his studies to join the relief effort (aside: he's actually my junior back in college, we were in the same computer club; but it's been years since I last saw Ying Wai). Here's another young person who's going the extra mile.

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Straits Times (Jan 10, 2005): Hands On

WHILE most youths collect food and clothes for victims of the tsunami, Elisha Teo is going the distance - literally. The second-year Nanyang Business School student was part of a 15-member medical mission which flew to Sri Lanka last Wednesday. The youngest member and the only student in the group, Elisha, 22, who is also a trained paramedic, said: 'I wish to provide hands and put whatever training I've received to use.'

Indeed, Elisha, who has been involved in humanitarian efforts for 11 years, sees himself helping the doctors and nurses in whatever way possible, be it bandaging wounds or carrying cartons of medical supplies.

As the vice-president of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) chapter of the Red Cross, Elisha was also one of those who spearheaded donation drives to help the tsunami victims. 'Because the NTU effort has taken off, I can safely leave for Sri Lanka,' he said.

The young humanitarian has also received the blessings of his parents and friends for this trip. 'Everyone has been really supportive and encouraging about this,' he said.
'The only thing they have kept telling me is: 'Please return in one piece.''

(The writer, Tee Yock Sian, is a second-year communications studies student at Nanyang Technological University)

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