Monday, January 24, 2005

"Gosh, Cher, my rate of return really is increasing!"

How can I possibly resist linking to an article that contains a paragraph like this:
[On "the extraordinary American capacity to compensate for massive stupidity":] Dummies at the fast food joints? No problem--we'll put up pictures of the meals for the illiterate, and install clever cash registers to make change for the mathematically-addled. Knuckleheads controlling the public schools? We'll devise standardized tests to identify and promote the genuinely gifted. Nincompoops at the voting booth? Behold the butterfly ballot -- an instant IQ test to weed out the votes of the extraordinarily dull-witted. Is it any wonder that a best-selling line of books in America is titled "________ for Dummies?" In America, stupidity is no bar to the pursuit and achievement of excellence.
Read the whole thing.

While we are on the subject of the Social Security debate that is now going on in the US: it is not surprising that Singapore's CPF will eventually come up for a (favorable) comparison: here. UPDATE: Just recalled that The Singapore Commentator had something to say about this three weeks ago.

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