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Singapore Tsunami Relief Effort Index (Jan 8-15)

As a grand overview to the first week of postings (Jan 8 to 15) and for the convenience of new readers, I’ve constructed this index. The items are sorted in order of appearance within each category. (UPDATE: I'll no longer be maintaining the index for posts made Jan 16 and later, it's taking too much work.)

ST = Straits Times; CNA = Channel News Asia; AWSJ = Asia Wall Street Journal; UPI = United Press International; AP = Associated Press; AFP = Agence France-Presse

Thoughts and Commentaries
- In memory, In Tribute on the memorial service in Singapore (collated from ST articles Jan 9)
- A view on Singapore's efforts by's Seah Chiang Nee (social commentary by Seah Chiang Nee, Sunday Sun Jan 9)
- Singapore between realism and idealism (Op-ed by Simon Tay, ST Jan 13)
- Three ST op-eds (ST Jan 15 articles)
- Random thoughts on Singapore and tsunami relief (on Minister Tharman's speech, CNA Jan 15)

Tsunami Relief--Singapore and general regional
- Summary Map of Singapore Forces Deployment (current as of Jan 4)
- Sacrifice (on a young volunteer, ST Jan 9)
- Big Cat, Indian Tribe, and other Flying Contraptions (on the various RSAF aircraft and helicopters involved in the relief effort; overview of their activity collated from MINDEF press releases)
- The Extra Mile (another young volunteer, ST Jan 10)
- The Machines that Make it Possible (on the various RSN naval vessals, SAF land vehicles and other heavy equipment involved in the relief effort; collated from MINDEF sources)
- Water, Water everywhere... (Singapore helps with water treatment in disaster areas, from ST 11)
- The Ill-fated Land Rover Relief Mission (rescued from ST archives)
- Update on Singapore Relief Deployment (incl. CNA Jan 11)
- Eva Mazrieva carries her head high (on the MediaCorp Radio Singapore International reporter from Aceh who lost 42 family members in the disaster, CNA Jan 11)
- The Singapore Red Cross Society (UPDATED) (overview of the SRC's efforts Dec 27 to Jan 8, collated from their website)
- Singapore Red Cross collected S$31 Million so far! (SRC website)
- Singapore Red Cross: Tidal Wave Fund (Jan 14) (SRC website)
- SIF: Tsunami-Affected Communities Fund (SIF website)
- Tsunami and Terror (from The Sun Jan 6 and ST Jan 13)
- Singapore to help with Tsunami warning system (ST Jan 14)
- SAF relief deployment to Indonesia and Thailand (from MINDEF sources)
- SRC, Mercy Relief, Local Artistes (SRC website, CNA Jan 15 articles)
- Summary Map of Singapore Forces Deployment II (current as of Jan 11)

They are not Singaporeans; they just happened to be there
- They are not Singaporeans; they just happened to be there (on two American tourists helping out at the YMCA, ST Jan 9)
- Renegadedeutschhilfsmittel (i.e., renegade German aid; originally ST Jan 7, via Jan 13)

- Meulaboh, Indonesia (overview of the SAF's efforts Jan 2 to Jan 9; collated from MINDEF press releases)
- Meulaboh now accessible (ST Jan 9)
- Ties that bind (on the ties between SAF and TNI and its impact in Meulaboh, incl. ST Jan 8)
- The Importance of Local Knowledge (AWSJ Jan 8; comprehensive review of Singapore's efforts in Meulaboh)
- The Marines have Arrived (on the USMC's arrival at Meulaboh, CNA Jan 10)
- The Washington Times Reports on Meulaboh (UPI Jan 10, another comprehensive review of the SAF in Meulaboh)
- The 195 Sqn vs. Bad Weather (on the RSN outfit that runs all the fast crafts at Meulaboh; CNA Jan 10)
- Land access from Medan to Meulaboh now open (UPDATED) (MINDEF press release Jan 11)
- SAF Field Hospital in Meulaboh (from CyberPioneer Jan 12)
- Mom, I'm calling from Meubolah (ST Jan 13, incl. list of needs still current)
- The SAF Medical Team in Banda Aceh (ST Jan 13, incl. overview Dec 29 to Jan 10 collated from MINDEF press releases)
- The politics of disaster relief: Indonesia (collated from CNA and ST articles Jan 11-12, and other web sources)
- Photos from Meulaboh (from MINDEF website and CNA Jan 13)
- The SAF to to begin phasing out activities in Aceh soon; rebuilding next (ST Jan 14)
- Interesting (non)development on the foreign troops in Aceh thing (Malaysian troops cleared to remain in Aceh, CNA Jan 14)
- Singapore Red Cross, and the RSS Endeavor (SRC press release)
- Jemaah Islamiah fears losing hearts and minds of Aceh's tsunami survivors ( Jan 12)
- Meulaboh Update Jan 14 (from CNA Jan 14 articles)
- Remaing SAF projects in Meulaboh (from MINDEF sources)
- Indonesian general responds to criticism (ST Jan 15)

- Operation Lionheart (overview of the SCSF's efforts Dec 29 to Jan 8; collated from the SCDF website)
- The SCDF in Thailand (Photos) (ST photos Jan 7)
- SCDF wraps up operations in Thailand and Aceh (from ST, CNA and the SCDF website Jan 12)
- Last SCDF personnel return from Thailand (CNA Jan 14)

Sri Lanka
- Singaporean Doctor in Sri Lanka (UPDATED) (incl. ST Jan 10)
- Sri Lanka Update (from ST articles Jan 12)
- Singapore Volunteer Groups in Sri Lanka (Touch Community and YMCA in Sri Lanka, from web sources)
- Long term need for Sri Lanka = jobs (ST Jan 13)
- SRC Medical Camp in Nilaveli Mosque. Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (from TamilNet Jan 12)

Environmental Impact
- Tsunami and the environment (link page covering the tsunami from the environmental and ecological angle)

On the press and blogosphere coverage of Singapore’s tsunami relief effort
- News Sources (Singapore sources of news)
- Non-local press coverage (UPDATED) of Singapore's efforts (incl. photos from AP)
- Singapore's efforts, in the mainstream blogosphere (UPDATED) (comments on a post on the Diplomad)

Concerning this blog and its author
- Introduction to this blog
- Call for help with this blog
- Because there is no reason that I alone should be idle when so many are toiling (explains my motivation for starting this blog)
- Topics yet to be covered (Updated Jan 13)

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